I’m Isengrapher, I love photography, and this is my photography style. Where is your ?

 1898053_10203479647972074_1969260132_n copywww.isengrapher.com but I always post photos in this blog every week to answer the chellenge that wordpress give every week in “weekly photo challenge“.

Well, than I will introduce my self, my real name is Edi Susilo, but some people call me edus, a name that given to me by my classmate when I was in senior high school. I love photography as I love my family, I love it since I was in senior high school in Pabelan Boarding School (Magelang), that continued in college, and nowadays I work as a teacher in senior high school in Pekalongan.

I hope you enjoy my photos here, even I still amature in photography, but I will try to be a professional one in this field of work, I’ll try to use english here as my primary language in posting photos. If You like, you could follow me at twitter, facebook, or some many social media I had by clicking the link below :


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