Weekly Photo Challenge : On The Move

Taking photo with a moving object is difficult enough, when you wanna make a static background, in other word, you wanna make the object feel moving,  you should use a big apparture. But, when you wanna tasted speed on your photo, you should move your camera following the object, or in photography we knew it as panning technique, so your camera follow where the object move. When the object move to the right, so you should follow the object.

Its not har

d/difficult enough when you could spend your time to practice it. Try capture a moving car in the road, or a running child around your home, it could make your sense of photogrpahy more sharped.

So many tutorial in the internet, especialy in youtube about taking a moving object, so everyone could feel the speed in your photos, that awesome.

So, have a great try 😀

Here they are my photos, even not perfect but I’ve tried to shot moving object (childs playing football in a small yard next to my house, and a man riding a motobike, also a young in line skater).


  1. Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move (escalators) | Chris Breebaart Photography / What’s (in) the picture?
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