Happy Birthday My Little Brother

Today (March 2, 2014) is a special day for my little brother, because today is his birthday, now he turn 22 year old. It was 22 year old when in first time he face the world as a little baby with a cute and innocene face. But now, he is a boy, and will be a man because he is 22 year old nowadays. He was born in a small village called Kutosari, in subdistrict of Doro, Pekalongan Regency. 

My brother’s name is TAUFIK ISMAIL, taken from arabic language and ISMAIL is a name of one of our prophet, a son of Ibrahim (Abraham), and his nick name is OPEK.  Now, he in Malaysia, he work there in restaurant, but we are his family in Indonesia. We love him, he is my little brother even his body bigger than me 😀 

Please welcome, this is my most handsome brother, TUAFIK ISMAIL !!!

np : if you don’t mind, please say happy birthday to him, cos today is his special day, thanks


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